Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monkey Business

Who says we aren't descended from the apes? Look at this little monkey! She was actually catapulting her way through the top of the slide and flying down at a rate of knots.She may act all sweet and demure and cute, but let her play in the mud a while and, well...she goes a bit tribal!!

Kelly and I took all the kids down to the park for a play together. Instead of going straight for the equipment, we sat down at the creek bed for a while. The kids absolutely loved it...jumping stones, getting wet, playing with sticks and rocks, looking for bugs...all the fun stuff you can do if you are a kid! Look at the bottom of their shoes!!!

Not much else to report. Spent a bit of time with some very dear friends over the weekend...I really enjoyed having a bit of girly time, even though it was too short!

Have a great week everyone!

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francineA said...

Oh angela isnt she getting big,,and a real cutie too..
congrats on your chatterbox album..though i couldnt work the link??
thanx for dropping by my blog,,must put yours on my list!