Monday, October 30, 2006

A great movie...

Greg and I went to an awesome movie last night. The Covenant. It was one of those gambles that paid off. We don't get to go out very often and when we do get the chance we have no idea of what is on , so we often end up seeing duds! But this movie was great. The actors were all unknowns and the story line was fast paced and intriguing. They even left room for a sequel to follow on. So if you like a good supernatural thriller, go see it soon.
The night actually started off well when we were treated to a preview to the film Eragon. I have read the book 3 times and am slowly reading the second in the series, not wanting to finish it until I know I have something to go on with. The movie looks great...big budget, supernatural/ fantasy...and my all time favourite creatures...dragons!! Odd consdiering I am petrified of lizards, but I could have a pet dragon any day.
It was great to get out and relax, especially after the scare I had yesterday afternoon. Joseph was up in his room, 'resting' on his bed. He hasn't slept during the day for a while, but I do enforce rest time for my sake as well as his. I was downstairs folding washing when I heard the loudest crash I have ever heard come from his room...then nothing. No silence. I raced up the stairs and flung open his door to see his four foot high chest of drawers flat on the floor with all the drawers half open. And no Joseph. My heart stoped and I shreiked his name and he rose from beside the drawers looking incredibly sheepish and totally unscathed. It seems he was trying to get a toy from the top of the drawers so pulled out the bottom drawer to reach. That didn't work, so he tried the next one. That didn't work so he climbed his little chair next to the drawers and leaned on them. Because they were now very top heavy, they toppled over. I was crying, he was crying. Audrey slept through it all. He has been good as gold since, no back chatting, cheekiness or anything. It must have scared a bit of sense into him!


Alicia said...

Oh my goodness. That would have scared the life out of me. really glad it wasn't worse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela
I was looking at Alicia's blog and saw your name so thought I would say hi. All looks wonderful your end all good here. Gotta go as all of a sudden I am very needed by the kids and the dog has just wandered in, must be a storm coming. Ditto to what Alicia said.
Angela Norton

Sara Pearcy said...

OMGosh!! I'm so glad Jose is okay, but what a scare!!!

Dragons, huh? Yet another thing we have in common. Will have to check out these movies (and books).

Catch up with you soon.
xx S.