Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At last...a layout!

Well, I guess it is time for an update. I have been so busy at home this week. Greg has been away at work so by the time the kids are in bed and I have cleaned up I am ready for bed myself! And guess what...I have been to bed BEFORE midnight every night this week...some nights by 11! All I can say is that I still think sleep is overrated...I am just as tired after 5 hours sleep than when I get 8!!!!
This is Auds on her very first horsy ride...she loved it, but kept asking me to hold her back...impossible to do AND take photos!
We had Audrey's Tea Party on the weekend. She loved all the attention and especially loved having cups of Foffee with her friends. I haven't put the pics on the computer yet, so I can't share any, but there will be a layout or six in the event I am sure! :) She is awake again at the moment...I am so torn with the whole sleep thing...she is the first baby we have had that controlled calming hasn't worked on...she is so darn stubborn! So invariably she will end up in our bed...again. Some nights she sleeps through but not most.

And finally a layout I have done tonight after reading my latest CK. It was great to use up some of those cute little acrylic circles that seem to breed in my stash, as well as the end of a stack of bits and bobs. I may just do a couple of box of metal embellishments is still overflowing...I have barely touched it in 12 months! At least I am not still adding to it!
Happy scrapping everyone...

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