Sunday, November 19, 2006

Audrey's Birthday!!!

Today the little one turned two! I can't believe she is getting so old...I may have to have our last one soon, before I forget how to 'do' babies! LOL! She had the best day...we gave her a little pink Cubby House, so she sent most of the morning in there. The the family came over for cake this afternoon. I went with an ice cream cake this was so much easier to decorate than a tradional cake! No crumbs falling off or anything!

Everyone totally spoiled her and she was strutting round the place like Queen Muck! Did manage top get some thankyous in though! And even shared all her new pressies with her cousin Emily and BF's Charlotte and Imogen! It was so cute watching all three under three's sit around the dolls house soothing a three inch high baby!

I am going to have a little gripe though...I made her a dolly cake...which required a plastic doll. We are yet to travel that road, so I had to buy one fresh!. Because she was supposed to be cut at the waist I didn't want to use a Barbie, so I thought I would just use one of those cheap imitation sally doll's. Well...where I went they don't amke anything like that any more...Bratz are the only dolls they imitate now and OMG, you think Bratz look 'beudafool' you shoud see their imitations...think more eye shadow, bigger heads, clumpier shoes, shorter skirts...they don't call them 'cheap' for nothing! So the idea of a graceful, pretty dolly cake had to be abandoned in favour of a mutton dressed up as lamb cake! LOL! I will upload some pics next entry...the camera is downstairs and it is too late to be going down there now!

I have finally worked out how to add comments in this new blog...hopefully I will be able to go back to the apricot...cause I really like that colour!
And finally, these are a couple of pic I took at Audrey's tea Party last her crossed eyes!


Joanne Hutchison said...

HI Angela,

I like the new look of your blog.
The photos of Audrey's tea party are quite cute (yes I do like the crossed eyes) You are lucky that you can do the girly stuff.


Alicia said...

I love that cake stand. I bet she loved it.

lusi said...

Hi Ang!!! It;'s been too long since I've been here :)
Happy birthday darling Audrey!
A tea-party - love it! That cake stand is sooooooo super delicious!
Love the layout below too hun!
Take care of you and that gorgeous fam of yours!
Lus x