Monday, November 06, 2006

I have a new printer!!!

I am so excited! I can finally do my prints at home. No more slaving over photo kiosks or uploading to the internet in the middle of the night...YAY! Ii have done a couple of test sheets and they look just as good as what I can get from Camera House...I even printed a couple straight off the camera without any editting...not as good, but still great images!
I decided to go with the Canon PIXMA iP6700D . It doesn't have 8 ink tanks, but it does use the chromalife inks. I have decided to print from home so that I can start putting more photos on my layouts. I take soo many, it always seem a shame to use only one!

The weekend was good...and so full on with a couple of other activities that I hadn't banked on thrown in for good measure! The Grudge was good...scarey...very disturbing! And I swear I did not see that black cat on the way home girls!!! Looks like there will be a Grudge 3, suprise suprise!
Saturday we all went into the city to check out Greg's new office. He is on the 32 floor of one of the buildings there and the veiws are just stunning. It would be awesome to check out the fireworks there one time. The kids had a great time getting lost in the 'maze'. Thank goodness it was a Saturday and no one was around!
Saturday night was heaps of fun too. I went with Dad to see Private Lives, and it was really was nice to go out with just dad...I can't remember the last time we spent time together without the kiddies, so it was a real treat!
Sunday I went to a Bridal party for my friend Gail. I hadn't seen her for 12 months and she looks AWESOME! Totally glowing like a bride should be!! It was a Tupperware party, the first I have been to in ages! I have been so good, but it was very easy to be sucked in and find a couple more items I HAD to have! LOL! Then in the afternoon, we all went to Greg's mums for the Secret Santa draw. I can't believe how close to Christmas we are is a bit scarey!
Today and last night have been spent cleaning...washing, mopping, vacuming, sweeping outside...all the Fun stuff! (with a capital f!).
And tonight I will be scrapping...putting my feet up, checking out all the new mags and scrapping my little heart out! Have a good one!

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