Friday, November 03, 2006

A big weekend planned!

Gee what a weekend I have coming up. In about half an hour, Rach is coming by to pick me up and we are going to see The Grudge 2 at the movies! I have never been to a scarey movie at the theatre before (I am sure there was one scene in a horror flick...maybe sream2?...that put me off!) so I am really excited!
Tomorrow we are going to look at getting a new computer...I need a dvd burner so I can burn all my photos and Greg thinks we may as well upgrade now! I can also pick up my new printer. I have been waiting for it for ages and it looks great. I am getting it for a really good price from Camera House at Indooroopilly. The only bad thing will be that I no longer will be giving them my copious amounts of photos to print...but far less bother for me!
I am going to see the QTC's production of Noel Cowards Private Lives tomorrow night with my Dad. It has been ages since the two of us went out anywhere, so this will be a real treat!
Sunday we will be cleaning up the yard getting ready for Audrey's birthday. She is having a tea party with a couple of friends and her cousin! I know I am indulging myself more than her, but I will have some cute little photos to play with after the event!
Then Kel will come over on Sunday night and we will have a bit of a scrap and a bit of a chat!!! Usually more chatting than scrapping, but that seems to be the norm out there...put a bunch of women together and they always find something to say! LOL!
Have a great weekend!

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