Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Another Joseph story...I hope the internet is around in 20 years because I really want Jose to ee what a great kid he was...and Thomas and Audrey too!

Joseph, Audrey and I were at Overflow today picking up a few cheap bits and pieces. Joseph saw a bottle holder that looked like a miniature santa costume and imediately grabbed it and put it in the trolley.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Oh that is for my Diggy." (Diggy is his imaginary friend...he is about as big as an elf and he is always telling Joseph to ask for things he knows he shouldn't...naughty Diggy!) "It will fit him perfect. I want to buy it for him for Christmas!"
So I bought it and took it home and it is sitting on my kitchen bench at the moment.
Later this afternoon, I was taking a few happy snaps when I noticed Joseph sitting down with his hand out flat. I asked him..."what are you doing mate."
"Just talking to Diggy" he replied, "Can you take a photo of him?"
So I did!

So here is Diggy...can you see him?

I showed Jose the picture and he goes"Oh Diggy! Look at your sky blue shirt!"

HE cracks me up!!!


lee woodside said...

Oh that has to be one of the cutest stories ever!!! I use to have an imaginary friend.... except it was ME in the mirror! LOL.

Leisa said...

How wonderful to have an imaginary friend. THat is a very gorgeous memory

Willisa said...

Oh Ang!! That is so cute!!!

Sara Pearcy said...

Awww..... Jose is so beautiful. Diggy is very, very handsome, too.
xx S.