Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have a tan!!!

Well...sort of. Actually my shoulders are a lovely shade of brown and the rest of me is still white as a ghost, but the most anyone usually sees of me these days is my shoulders, so for all intents and purposes...I have a tan!! We have just spent a lovely week at Caloundra. The weather was perfect for the beach...breezy, not windy, warm but not stinkin hot, a bit of rain at night but none during the day...just perfect! We went down to the beach every day and even found a new 'haunt' thanks to a friend. Bullcock beach is so calm but still gets a bit of a wave in the morning. It is fairly shallow, so the kids can paddle safely, which is really important for our family!
Thomas had a huge achievement this week. He learnt to tie his shoes and he can hold his breath for 16 seconds!!! This is HUGE for my little water phobic boy! He was so cute at the pool last Friday. In his best stage whisper he says..."Mummy, aren't you going to tell everyone I can tie my own shoelaces???" So cute!
I had a party for Jose on the Staurday. It had a pirate theme and I went all out! Cannonball stomping (so the prisoners could escape to become pirates), a cannonball fight and a treasure hunt with a real treasure chest and gold and silver treasure to be found kept the kids entertained. I barely got any photos, but I was too tired to even look throught the lens!
Audrey is having her tonsils out tomorrow. She is so excited to be going to the doctor, but thinks it is for her sore back! If I ask her to pick something up, or walk somewhere, she groans "nooo, sore back!" I have no idea where she got that from...really!!! Gotta love her!
Some sad news for all the camera lovers out there...I dropped mine :( Not sure how bad the damage is yet and won't be for a couple of weeks. We went to Underwater World (to see the giant squid!!) and I didn't do my camera bag up properly. I got up to leave and it fell out...smack! on the concrete! I swore *blush* but it didn't was still broken! Luckily I have insured it against these sorts of accidents, I just have to wait an age before it is better again.
I am going to join in the new Comp at Scrapbook City next week.
I have also been doing the challenges at I Am A Scrapaholic. I have been hanging out on the message boards there for a while and enjoying learning about life in the US!
SAM is still running their Elsie comp. She dropped by last week and left comments on some of the layouts that have entered. Definately created a bit of a stir!!!
That's it from me. Spare a thought for my darling tomorrow (Monday). She will be a tad sore when she wakes up, but anything is better than the constant boughts of tonsilitis she has endured the past 12 months.


nikala said...

Glad to hear you all had a great time at the beach last week. Give Audrey a huge hug from the O'Brien family. We are thinking of her.

Jo Hutchison said...

Hi Angela,

Hope Audrey is going well. Glad to hear you had a lovely time at Caloundra. It's so relaxing there.

Talk to you soon.


Giovanna Scott said...

Hi Angela
Good luck with Reality Scrap. Looking forward to see what you get up to. Hope Audrey recovers well.

Carol-lea said...

Crossing my fingers that both Audrey and your camera are OK!!!

Good luck with the comp at Scrapbook City...should be a good one!!

Alicia said...

Big hugs for Auds. I'm sure she'll be great. Sorry ot hear about your camera. Remember when I dropped our lens. I cried.

Can't wait to see what everyone does for the comp. It should be fun.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

We actually just spent a few days up at Caloundra earlier this week at Kings Beach - don't you just love it up there - I could easily live there. I hope Audrey is OK.

Jen said...

Hey Ang, catching up on the blogs
Hope Audreys op went well. What a good mum you were for going through all the preparation work for the birthday party double gold stars for you.