Wednesday, January 10, 2007

photos to share

These are a couple of the images I took of my sister and hr family in our local park. We had a little photo shoot and we took over 180 photos!! Lucky all the subjects were willing! I have been having fun playing round with them for the past couple of nights. I am starting to 'get' the whoe photoshop thing thanks to Kerrin and some adventurous surfing! Now I just have to master Lee's awesome photo collage and I will be set!

I had to share this pic of Auds. Jose got her a sunflower fairy dress up for chrissy and it came with everything (even shoes!) but a top! So being the insanely anal person that I am, I went out and bought hr a little lemon top and embellised it fit for a fairy! She loved it...but had pulled the buttons off and the jewels as well by the end of the day. I did get about 12 good shots of her though, so at least the memory is!

I have been scrapping MADLY this week, doing at least two layouts every night. Greg is back to working late, so every night is scrap night here at the moment! Although I do miss him terribly(...and get sick of my awful Nickelback rendiditons) it has been good to do some serious scrapping again!

I forgot to mention that Jose was 4 on Saturday. Who can believe it! He was so darn cute...we got him one of the fisher price kid tough cameras and he has taken sooo many pictures so far...taking after his mummy there I suppose. I have some shots of him and his new toy I will upload nxt time, they are sitting on the camera at the moment and I am too tired to get up!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday to Jose. The photos turned out great. You should have a chat with Michael. He is in the middle of doing some online training in photo shop.

Tanya Reedy said...

Hi there I have just been surfing from one site to another and found yours. Gorgeous photos, I love the lemon top shame it didn't last too long. I love the song you have in your side bar will definatetly be looking out for that CD.
Tanya Reedy

Jen said...

Hi Ang,
Looks like you had a great christmas except for the tummy bug and your layouts and photos look wonderful. I so envy a happy family that does not have teenagers they can sure suck the fun and life out of things. Come on grandkids....but not yet