Saturday, March 03, 2007

What a Week!!

Sit back and grab a cuppa, because I feel this is going to be one very long post! So much has actually happened this week that I have been unable to even get to the computer much, let alone do any blogging! I am so lucky to have my least I can keep on top of all the emails!!
So...the big news first! As of the beginning of the week I have joined the Scrapbook City DT and Teaching Team! I have been hankering to get back into the classroom for a while now and when the opportunity cam up I jumped at it! I have two classes planned for the March and April. The first is a chocolate box...a perfect gift for Easter! The second is a mini hutch/spice rack. I will be using mine to store all those teenie tiny Barbie shoes and handbags as I really hate losing those little things! But you could put anything in them really!

I have discovered an AWESOME wholesaler that imports papier mache products, so look out because there are some really exciting things planned for the next few months!If you would like times and dates, contact the store! The more the merrier!
With this new appoitment does come the departure from SAM. I have had an awesome time over the past two years working with Hope and Troy. We have been lucky enough to make some really strong friendships, so even though I am not working there anymore, we are still having a great time catching up often! Hope and Rach know me well almost better than Greg! LOL! I do have some class kits still to be released, so keep an eye out at SAM for those.
Some of us went out to tea on Sunday night and had such a good time! We had pizza at Tomato Brothers and then dessert at Freestyle! If you are 'into' dessert, this place is worth the trip to Milton! They are totally indulgent but ever so delicious! I had a white chocolate cheesecake for dessert and ate evey bite! At least I am pretty sure I ate it all...I had a couple of wines and the end of the evening is a little hazy!
Yesterday I went to my GP for a referral and ended up having four moles removed! One on the back of my neck, two on my shoulder blade and one on my thigh! The ones on my back are the most painful as I have to move! Hopefully they will be fine! That is the last time I try and get everything all done at once though!

And finally here are a couple of my favourite layouts from back in Jan! I still do not have a camera, so I am feeling a bit trigger deprived! I borrowed Nikala's camera the other morning to take a couple of shots of some layouts and things...and snapped a couple of fun ones of Auds and Jose...Thomas was being moody, so he missed out!
Take care guys and have a great week!


lee woodside said...

Hey girl congrats on the new DT position. Loving all your bits n pieces.
Hope you are feeling ok after your drs visit.

Jen said...

The BTP projects are awesome and the layouts especially the
'thanks Papa' one. hope you heal soon

Alicia Barry said...

The class projects look great Ang.

AnnetteL said...

Hi Ang, wow those classes look fantastic! I think I might keep an eye out for the details. Congrats on the DT position! Yummmm can't beat dessert at Freestyle's best place for dessert! The Fish Cafe accross the road from them is also great if you like Fish and Chips! Reasonably priced as well. I love your layouts too, I think I might be scraplifting the last one for my personal scrapbook if you don't mind????? Take Care Cheers Annette

Beck said...

Way to go Ang! I am sure your classes will be great!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Congratulations on the new DT position!

Loving your latest creations!

Chelle Xx

Leone said...

Congrats on the DT position. Love your BTP items - I'll look forward to those classes!

Trudi said...

Congrats on the DT position!!! Just looove 'Thanks Papa' LO

Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

First time I stop by... Just wanted to say - WOW! Gorgeous designs!! You are amazing! ;)