Saturday, April 14, 2007


So tonight is a big noth in the O'Neale household! Thomas and Joseph are on their very first trip to the speedway at Archerfield! I have been dieing to get them there for the past year or so, but I always seemed to forget when it was on...well not tonight!
So knowing how Thomas does not like new situations too much I thought I would prep him as well as I can so that when he got there, it would not be too much of a shock. I told him it would be really loud and we would get them ear plugs. I told him about the smell and the dirt and the crowds and how there probably won't be too many mummies around and they had to stick with daddy. And I told them not to pester daddy for food or toys (standard comment for any outing!)
So they were all ready to leave and I thought I would see how well they listened to my rant!

M: Where are you guys going?
T: To the speedway.
M: What is it going to sound like?
T: Really loud. So we get to wear ear plugs.
J: Can I see the ear plugs?
M: How many people will be there?
T: Thousands!
M: And what kinds of people will be there?
T: Weirdo's!!!!!

I couldn't ask anymore after that. I was in hysterics! After I calmed myself down, I thought I should explain to him that not everyone else in the world was a 'weirdo' but if he didn't run off from daddy (which he never has done anyway) he wouldn't ever need to find out if I was right or not. Hopefully they will have a great time and not be too concerned with the man standing next to them shouting at the cars to go faster! We are not a very vocally supportive group here and it might just seem a bit 'weird' to them.

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Bec said...

OMG Ang T is spot on! They don't get much weirder - I have a few estranged family members who spend way too much time there!