Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sue goes home today :(
I love when she comes home even if it is only for a while. I love that our friendship is always the same, even though we have both changed so much. Our lives are literally worlds apart, but we still manage to maintain a close relationship. We have been friends for almost 20 years! Can you believe that?
So bye bye Aunty Sue, from all us O'Nelaes, who love every second we get to spend with you!

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my other jet setting friend Leisha. She is teaching the posh kids of London...even has some famous offspring in her classes! We were lucky enough to have her as a returning house guest this visit! Anyone sane would have stayed away after the first time...three mad and very excitable kids would put off even the most patient teacher on a holiday, but return she did and I was so glad! We had an awesome night out in New Farm on Friday night...Dinner in a Turkish restaurant, Babylon...I had some very tasty Mousaka and Greg enjoyed a Turkish Pizza with no cheese!!! Then we had some indulgant dessert at Freestyle Tout in New Farm. It is a lot more trendy that it's franchise at Bardon...I prefer the quieter, calmer side of life myself! But the food is totally to die for! I had some white chocolate brioche and well, they were divine! If I could have eaten them I would have, but unfortunately they brought out 5!!! After the big dinner we had, there was no way that was happening!
But Leish and I seemed to just fall into conversation same as usual. Our roles and relationships have not changed at all in the past 13 years. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and we will be friends for a long time yet. I think if a friendship can withstand the distance test, it can withstand anything!
This is a photo Joseph took! He is quite the little photographer, although he has managed to channel Austin Powers every time he does a 'shoot'! Camera flies all over the place and he loves talking to his subject!!! Leish though he was hilarious!

So much other news to share...
* My sister is moving form the other side of town to three streets away! This is great for Audrey because Emmy and her are born in the same year and get along really well.
* The roof is due to go on the frame of our house this are supposed to go in too!
* We went to see 300 yesterday...the only word I can think of to describe it is POWERFUL! Every aspect...especially the buff soldiers! LOL!
* I had my purse stolen from next to me in the movies. Cancelled all my cards etc. Then was called three hours later and it had been handed in...minus $10!!! Seriously...the &^&^$%$# hassel I am going to have to go through to change all the direct deposits I had set up is shocking! GRRR! So don't even put your purse on the seat right next to you...sit on it!!!
* Spent a lovely morning with Sara and Alicia last PATIENTLY waiting for the pics to be sent to me :)
* Thomas is doing Tae Kwon Do! His teacher is very impressed with him...called him a natural even! I am so happy for him, it is just great that he can finally just 'do' something first go, no hassels or inhibitions! Joseph is starting this week too...they are getting their uniforms (or costumes as Thomas puts it!) tomorrow...can't wait for those photos!!!
* I have a couple of new classes planned for May/June! They are looking really good, I will keep you posted when they are announced!
* I was supposed to get my tonsils out tomorrow. But since I have to work on the Fiskars stand and the Scrapbook City stand at the Stitches and Craft Show on the weekend, I won't be able to. So I have put it off until winter...much better for curling up in bed feeling sorry for myself for a couple of weeks don't you think!!

That's all for now! Thomas has his sixth birthday this week...I can't believe how old he is!!! Seems like only yesterday we were living it up in Rocky!


Sara said...

They are some gorgeous photos Ang!! And Joseph is quite the little photographer.

What a shame that we can't even go to the movies these days without having something taken from us. Glad that it was turned in safely in the end.

Tanya Reedy said...

Wow I cant believe someone had the nerve to take it from right beside you. I am tagging you hope you dont mind but I love hearing random facts about people. So check my blog for the details.

Thanks Tanya