Monday, May 07, 2007

Thomas's Birthday pictures

Here he is on his sixth birthday!
Hard to believe how old he exciting to think of all that is yet to come!

I know...a Fantastic FOUR cake on his sixth birthday...but there was method to his madness. I had bought the set of figures ages ago on sale. He was with me and knew they were in 'the cupboard'. He asked for them weekly til I said he could have them for his birthday. Then he had an idea! What if he had a Fantastic Four Birthday Cake. Then we could decorate the cake with the figures, they would be opened, so not a birthday gift as such! AND he would get them a couple of days early! Clever little thing! So to NOT use my phenomenal cake decorating skills again, he opted for the plain cake...although that said he did design it himself, not pick it out of a book...

And here is the troop at Movie World. Thomas wanted to go on a ride, hence the sad face. He actually enjoyed himself a lot more. Jose on the other hand, while he looks estatic here was miserable for the best part of the day because he was 1cm too short to go on a couple of the rides...the ones he really wanted to go on. He has been eating all his veges since we got back though, just to ensure he does grow that little bit more before we go next time! Now if I could just convince hime to eat some fruit.....
We went with Rach, Danen, Georgia, Brooke, Amy, Daniel, Bailey, Jaiden, Sebastian, Lorena, Natalie and Gabby. I think a big group is great to go with and would definatley do it again next time! Greg and I would love to go alone too...we both love the full on scarey rides and would like to go on them more than once in a day!


Jen said...

I thought he looked a bit big for 4 lol

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Glad you explained the 4 on the cake! LOL

I would love to take our kids to Movie World - glad you had a great time - I would definitely want to go on the rides too!

Love all your LOs and bits and pieces for the May/June classes - they look fantastic.