Monday, May 07, 2007

I love being Validated!

Especially when it is by Adam Duritz!!!
Anyone who does not know who Adam Duritz is...well many probably don't, but I know some of you do...he is the lead singer of my favourite band in te whole wide world the Counting Crows.

Now, he has recently started posting an ezine which is a review of all things he thinks is cool. it is a fun read and I was happy to see in the first issue he made a special note of 'Panic! at the disco' as a great up and coming band...who I had playing on my blog a while back and made the girls suffer through the cd time and again last time we went away!

Anyway, he just posted his second issue and lo and behold there is a huge plug for my all time favourite TV show Twin Peaks! So there you go, on some subliminal level, maybe we do think alike :)

Down the Rabbit Hole

Read and enjoy...if you have time...this man has a lot of knowledge about a lot of stuff!!!

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