Monday, July 16, 2007


I have been tagged by Annette, and since I usually have no trouble sharing useless pieces of information with people I am only too happy to divulge some more!!!

I think you have to do 8 random facts...everyone else I know has done I won't bother with the rules etc.

1. I played the viola in high school and was in the school concert band and the choir.
2. I love peanut butter and chocolate and would be happy to only eat them forever!
3. There are never enough shelves in our house for all our 'stuff'! No matter how many e get the 'stuff' just seems to multiply.
4. I like cooking and have recently got back into actually cooking dinner rather than an assortment of things for the kids.
5. I hate ironing. And folding. And washing in fact the only chore I love is doing the floors.
6. I married my one and only true love...awww...
7. My favourite flower is a tulip, but I have only ever been given them once or twice.
8. I think I look best in Red..Greg prefers pale blue!

Don't think I have floored anyone there! Thanks for tagging me though Annette, it is fun!


Anonymous said...

8 random things from me...
1. i moonlighted with the flute, clarinet, viola at school but never had enough stamina to learn properly and i regret regret now
2. i love icecream and chocolate and struggle to not eat one of these (usually chocolate)everyday
3. i sit in horror but morbid fascination with daytime tv
4. i do sums everyday with my finances trying to make more appear- they never seem too though
5. i get obsessed with finishing reading a book and then dream about the characters and my place in the story afterwards
6. my favourite flower is the lillie...but roses are pretty good too
7. blue has always been my favourite colour but i am starting to buy more and more green
8. i dream of having an amazing kitchen where i could cook up a storm- but then i also dream of having a house by the beach which i would take first over the kitchen
Leisha x

AnnetteL said...

Your welcome Ang, I am glad you had fun with the tag. I was given a bunch of tulips on the weekend actually, I should take a photo and post on my blog for you to look at since they are you favourite flower! I hate the ironing as well, usually the last thing to get done in my house, although nothing is getting done at the moment ;) We never have enough shelves either! Our "stuff" seems to multiply too! Thanks for completeling the tag I had fun reading! Take Care Annette

Anonymous said...

Angela, I am so looking forward to meeting you.

Loved your tag, can so relate to the chocolate I could also live on it.

And I also had washing and ironing in general, and my favourite flowers are Tulips and Roses, and they have to be red.

Carole xx

Anonymous said...

I mean Hate washing and ironing, have to make sure I check my spelling, sorry about that LOL !!

Carole xx