Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just a quickie!

A whole lot of news to share...before I put my head down and get ready for the Scrapbook City retreat tomorrow!! I am really excited about going to this is my first all year and I am even teaching there! We'll be doing a pretty full on class, but I hope to make it fun too! I will also be doing some Fiskars demos there...I am so in love with the new improved shapecutter, I think everyone needs one!!!! So I am spreading the word as far and wide as I can! LOL!

Firstly, I just wanted to say hooray to Sara and Alicia for the SBC DT. We have been friends for ages and it was great to be on a DT with you both, even if it was only for a short time! You will be missed there girls, but I know you will never be too far away!

Plus a big congrats to Annette! Her first bub is due in Feb, so that is great news! We will also be having a new addition to our famil.y in December and Feb with my sister and sister in law expecting respectively! That should keep my cluckiness away for another 6 months I think!

Our house will be ready on the 8th of October...It will be AWESOME!!!! We have done some colour selections this week and I am really excited about the palatte I have chosen. Very fresh and white and clean...hope it stays that way! The plan is to keep all the kids stuff in their rooms...we'll try anyway!!!

I received my prize pack from Rusty Pickle this week. It was a long time coming but oh so worth the wait...I will never use everything, so once i have gone through it all, be nice to me and you never know, I may just share! lol! I showed Laisa and she was so impressed she will be getting some in for the shop...really nice stuff...I love Guinevere (purple and green).

Only 3 weeks til I am off to Sydney for the Stitches and Craft Show with Kerrie and SBC...I am really looking forward to a whole week will I cope without cuddles???

And finally, if you are at a loss for something to do on Sunday, come to our fete! St Joseph's at Corinda Brisbane is having their 80th Birthday fete and I am on Face Painting all day!!! This is my first attempt and I get better every time! Some of these pics were taken on my first attempt, so they have improved a bit since then! It is really hard to do a full face on a wriggly two year old, let me tell you...oh and the shrek face was totally her request...she wanted to be the shrek BABY!
So have a great weekend everyone...we will have a full on one here, but they always seem to be like that these days!


Alicia Barry said...

Thanks Ang. It;s a shame we couldn't have worked together for longer, but that's just the way it is sometimes. Have fun on the weekend.

BELINDA said...

Hey Ang...have a fabulous weekend wont you. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Love the faces...very cute!

AnnetteL said...

Hi Ang, thanks for the congraulations! Means a lot. Oh and those faces are adorable! How did your weekend go? You punk rocker you! Hope you had a fantastic week and a even better weekend. Take Care Annette

Leone said...

wow, aren't you clever. Love those faces! Hope you've recovered from that and the retreat.

Jen said...

yay for the house. Cute faces. have a good trip away you lucky duck you