Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Home!

I know it is Wednesday and I have technically been home for three days...but I have been so busy it defies the term 'busy'! I had a great time in Sydney with Kerri...but I was really happy to get home. I walked through the door on Sunday night and after I had recovered from the shock at seeing the house in the state it was in (don't ask!!!) I crept upstairs to give the kids a little cuddle. Thomas was first...he woke up and gave me a beautiful hug, then had a whinge about something and promptly fell back to sleep. Joseph was next with a lovely cuddle and a huge smile and lots of "I missed you so much mummy". Then I went in to see my little girl, who out of all of them I thought would cope the least, and I get shoved away while she rolls over to go back to sleep! Seriously! It was all to much for her in the morning...she burst into tears when she saw me!
So this is the ONLY photo I took in Sydney. we didn't get to do a lot of sight seeing...the fair was exhausting enough. If I ever go again, I think I will only go if it is the Darling Harbour Show...there would have to be a better night life at Darling Harbour than at a deserted racecourse wouldn't there???
We did however get to see an amazing art show by Charles Billich. I especially loved these cityscapes. They were my kind of art...geometric with a little bit of fantasy thrown in!
I have come home to some rather annoying news though. It seems that our lease is set to expire in two weeks and rather than letting us go to a weekly contract (as was previously arranged) the owners want to move in we have been given notice to leave. Unfortunately this leaves us with no place to live for the next 8 weeks until our house is finished!!! And that date looks like it is getting further and further away by the minute.
Because of this major upheaval in our family, I am taking a two month break from teaching at Scrapbook City and my other DT commitments. It was a hard decision to make, I really enjoy the classes...and my students ;) ...but I am going to be back in November...all the more relaxed from the enforced break I am having.
The fun news is that we will be moving in with my little sister and her family in just over a week. It will be a huge upheaval for them and I am truly grateful. She is expecting a baby in a couple of months, so hopefully I can help out a bit and things won't be too hard on any of us.


Alicia Barry said...

I can't believe you have to move so soon. It's so unfair.

Jen said...

Bummer about the house Ang.

Tanya Reedy said...

OMG how rude!! Enjoy your break from scrapping but I hope you will still blog and let us know how things are going. Good Luck.

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Glad you have sorted somewhere to live Ang - very stressful times for you!

Anonymous said...

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