Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Off to Sydney!

In the morning, I am going to Sydney for the Craft and Quilt Fair with Kerri from Scrapbook City. I have packed my suitcase (it is very full) and have made sure I have everything I may need for a whole week. I am paranoid I am going to forget something. I have lists coming out of my ears...one for Greg, one for my MIL, one for my mum, two for me...but it is going to be an adventure!!

The last time I was in Sydney was for the 2005 ISC and while it was one of the best weekends of my life, I didn't actually see much of Sydney. I know I will be working all day this time too, but there are a couple of nights where I can explore and see new things. I have not been away from the kids for this long before...it will be very strange. The last time I was away from Greg this long I almost went crazy, but he was the one on an adventure that time! So wish me luck, because while I am sooo excited about going, I am getting a bit anxious too.

Before I go and get my beauty sleep, I just wanted to report on Thomas's excellent performance on sports day. Last year he had a bad experience (he slipped and fell at the start of his race) and he was really anxious about running in a race on Friday. When the grade one's were called up he was adament he was not running. We had done lots of prep for this moment...made sure we had the best shoes for the job, practised his running style etc...so I knew he really wanted to do it. We watched all the kids line up in their groups and he still was not going to run. It was almost too late for him to join in, when he let go of my hand and made a mad dash for his group. It didn't matter where he came in his race, he had already won.

And he did incredibly well. Came second in a group of 8. I was so proud of him for having the courage to try...I am telling anyone who will listen! He knows he did a really great thing too. He even ran in a relay and helped his team come from third to first in his leg of the race!!! So he is Mr Confident at the moment, and it is great!

He is the one in the middle with the very precise running style!


Bec said...

Yay Thomas!! That is a great photo Ang!

Jen said...

Woooohooooo Thomas way to go matey. Hope you have a good time in Sydney Ang. Be a good girl IYKWIM. lol

Leone said...

Hi Ang, hope you have a great time in Sydney. Love the snake pics - the look on little Audreys face is priceless!