Thursday, September 20, 2007

I need a stiff drink!

Shocker of a day. I am putting it dwn to the end of the term. One more day and then off to the beach we go! Hooray! I can't wait and fully intend to get a half decent tan this year. I usually get colour quite easily, but over the past 6 years have avioded the sun like the plague for some strange reason. I have always applied the good old sunscreen diligently, but seem to have stopped actually going in the sun for long periods...sunscreen or none. I guess that is what kids do to you...a total lifestyle change!
We are having a girls weekend as of tomorrow. My sister, mum, neice, Auds, virtual SIL and I are going to be living it up in sunny Caloundra. Markets, strawberry picking, good food (Rose is making a rack of lamb), walks on the beach and some good company will be just what we need to get rid of winter once and for all!
Not sure if I will have internet access at the coast. I should, but we will have to wait and see if Greg can set it up properly for me. He is pretty good at all that sort of thing usually, so I have every faith in him!


Tanya Reedy said...

Hope you have a great time Caloundra is beautiful If I am down that way I will keep an eye out for you on the beach.

Jen said...

HAVE a good holiday.
the house is certainly coming along nicely

Anonymous said...

Ang, I laughed so hard when I saw your entry title for today. Besides being right there with you [needing a stiff drink] I don't wonder with everything going on that you feel this way. Have fun at the beach.

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