Monday, September 17, 2007

Things are coming along...

at Alph st. We are looking forward to the next stage...whatever it is! The scaffolding has come down so I now have a good idea of my colours...thank goodness I still love them! We were up there twice this weekend. Once to meet our over the back neighbours (they have a pool...I think we will get along well :)) and once to meet with the landscaping company to decide on the layout. The kids had so much fun exploring the vacant block next door...they love to dig in the dirt there. Audrey is always searching for treasure...and usually finds something weird and wonderful! It is a building site after all!

Even though we have been staying at my sisters, I have managed to get a bit of scrapping done of an evening. Nothing special, but I am so glad to have finally scrapped some old photos

Here are a couple of newies!

The one on the right is from one of the Page Map Sketches from long ago...I was feeling a bit lazy! I am also uploading a few new layouts over at the Fiskars Blog, so if you feel like having a look over there you will see them!

And finally a photo of my two little boys doing what they do best...being silly!


BELINDA said...

Ang, your house looks AMAZING...with a capital A!
I bet your busting to get in there!
Love your layouts too...the are just beautiful.

Brendy said...

Glad to see the house is coming along, hopefully it wont be too long :)
Love your layouts as usual:)
Take Care