Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, we are out of the house, but not without dramas! But one trip to the doctor, three removalists and lots of help from our wonderful family later we are done and dusted! I think I have culled my stuff by about 1/4! I'd love to get rid of some more though!
We even managed to find a new home for Sari, although it was looking a bit grim there for a while. She has gone to live on the southside with a lovely family, and even though I am so sad she is gone from our place, I am glad she is with people who are in a better place to have a dog than we are for the next three or four months. It sure feels weird without her around though!
I have now got the next few weeks to get organised for the new home. Lighting, landscaping and furniture are top on my list to do. That is the fun part for...you all know how much I love shopping!
Thomas has his school concert this week...he is so excited to be participating in a "Three Little Fishy" dance. Should be some cool photo ops there. I have to remember that I said I would help set up on Friday morning. The more I write it down the better the chance I have of remembering it!
Better go and get tea ready for the masses...sausages and mash...mmm...


Alicia Barry said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sari. Is that a permanent thing, or just until you are settled in the new place?

Jen said...

one move down one to go. happy shopping

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

You have to look on the bright side! Enjoy the shopping you deserve some sort of highlight!