Monday, October 15, 2007

My Cousin the IRONMAN!

Have to share this with everyone as I am so proud of my cousin Andy Stewart who qualified to compete in the Hawaiian Ironman Comp this year...just to qualify is a major achievement. It was run over the weekend and he finished the whole race! 2.4 mi. swim • 112 mi. bike • 26.2 mi. run! There is no way on this earth I would ever be able to complete that course, let alone quickly! The family went over to cheer him on too. Such an amazing experience for him! He has always been a very passionate guy, so when he sets his mind to achieve something the sky is the limit. So a big CONGRATULATIONS to you Andy from the O'Neale's!
(P.S: He just got engaged to the lovely Miriam too so he must be on cloud nine!)

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Trina said...

Wow, what an achievement! I've done Ironman Taupo, but by golly. Ironman Hawaii. What a star!