Monday, November 26, 2007

Half way there!

We did a bit of moving this past weekend. After having the removalist cancel at 7am on Saturday morning, to finding the whole top level needs a second coat of paint we have finally achieved a step in the forwards direction of moving in!!! YAY!!! All the furniture is now out of the garage and in the right rooms...just in a little pile in the centre! We should be able to start moving boxes in on Saturday! Woo HOO!!!
And I know I was going to have the weekend off, but I was offered a job too good to refuse! I went to the Zest Gym Christmas Party as the party photographer and it was such a blast! Even caught up with an old tennis buddy I had not seen in oh...15 years at least! Everyone there was so lovely...even if they were all half my age...and totally buff! It was so great to be able to go out and not worry about the cigarette smoke too! I know I discovered this way back in May, but I had forgotten there was no smoking in nightclubs any more. Makes me want to go out and drink a few cocktails and dance all night long like I used to!!

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bruinbr said...

moving is always so stressful! I'm glad to hear that yours is moving along! :) Hope you're fully moved in soon!