Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am here...

So much news to share and so little energy. I think a few quick points would work here:

* My sister has had her baby girl, Samara Louise last Friday. Everything went well and they are both doing fine now. She is just adorable and so cuddly...makes me clucky again! I have taken some pics of her, but need to resize them. I am also looking forward to a little shoot with her fun fun!

*We are slowly unpacking. I was dumb enough to invite some friends from Thomas's scool over this week, so it all HAS to be away by wed...nothing like a bit of pressure!

*I have been super busy with the class preparation for SBC next quarter. I have decided to focus on the beginners area, so all my classes bar the BTP one and ELS are going to be technique based...great to come and try out something new!

* Fiskars continue to be a great source of oportunity for me! Not only do we receive beautiful products to play with, but we get to share that love too! My next Spotlight Demos will be in Feb, keep an eye out here for dates soon!

* I have half the Christmas shopping done and a stack of needless shopping done! I think I will be out most days next week, just shopping for xmas day! We have the family from Greg's side coming here for brunch, then a late luch at mum's. Hope it isn't too hot!

* My new Scrap room is coming together. Greg bought me a tv tuner and a new screen for my laptop, so I can sit up in my castle and watch tv on the laptop while I work or scrap! He is too cool!

* And I just wanted to send out a big THANKYOU to my PIL who were so accomodating to us over the past few month. When the craziness of the Christmas season slows down we would love to take them out for a nice keep a night free in January some time Graeme :)

I want to get some fun pics of us on the front lawn, but have to wait til Kjel comes to mow it! Will be posting out our change of address info soon. Our mail is redirecting from the old address too though, just in case! See you all soon,


~Holly~ said...

Hugs to you, you sound sooo busy!!

Tanya Reedy said...

Hey Ang
Glad everything is coming together, your scrap room sounds fab!! Cant wait to see some pictures of your house all put together (no pressure) congrats on your niece. I got my books today thanks heaps