Sunday, November 18, 2007

My birthday girl

This little girl has just turned three! I can not believe how the time has flown, it only seems like yesterday I was nursing her! Now she is a big girl and has to do a few big girl eat the crusts off her toast and sandwiches...and make her bed....and take herself to the toilet! Yay for growing up!!!

We had a lovely day at my mum's today. Lots of pressies and perty food helped the kids celebrate to the max! SHe had a beautiful cake made by her Rara and was given a new pram and a castle tent from mum and my sister. Then this afternoon we went home to Barbara and Graeme's for some ice cream cake...and some more awesome presents! Aunty Mel gave her a Barbie Gown and some jewels and they were out of the packet and on her quicker than you could say Happy Birthday!

Last night we had a special celebration with The O'Neale's and The Reid's for Gerri and Ian's engagement party. It was such a lovely night, very casual and intimate. I discovered that I sort of taught Ian's cousin back in the day! Can you believe that??? All the way back in Rocky too. It is amazing how small the world is sometimes.
And after a most sucessful fundraising weekend at school, I have finally got a weekend off this week! It has been months...and the last in a while, so I am going to relish it a bit. We were supposed to have the big move in, but that is not looking good, so some R & R will be in order I think! Hopefully this week I will get some scrapping quota is really dropping at the moment!


BELINDA said...

A BIG happy Brithday to your sweet little princess. Ang...she looks beautiful! Your baby isn't a baby anymore... :(
Have a great week.

Alicia Barry said...

Happy Birthday Auds.

~Holly~ said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl-- what a cutie!!

Ang said...

Hi Angela I am just getting back into blogging and thought I'd check you out from Alicia's site. Happy birthday to your gorgeous littly. Sounds like a lovely day. I can't wait to see your room up and running. Hope you are well reated and ready for the wonderful silly season.