Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not Long now!

There really is not much else that can go wrong with the building of this house! Monday morning I got a phone call to say the plumber had left the caps off the kitchen taps as he walked off on Saturday afternoon and the water had seeped down into the soundproofed media room and they had to rip out the ceiling and walls down there and redo the flooring in the kitchen. It is going to set us back about a week, but that will be ok if we can just get into our boxes soon!
Then yesterday the carpet guy spent the morning prepping our level for the shag I have picked and when he rolled out the carpet to lay it and there was a dirty big stain in the middle of back he went to get another roll. I swear it is just onething fter another!
So today my friend Lorena and I went and used her Tibeta Symbols to clense the house of all the negative energy that seems to be accumlating there. We also did the block next door...just to help the process along there! I really don't want a building site next to us for the next 12 months! So cross everything that you can that it worked and that we can move in next week and that will be end of the stress we have all been under.
I went back to the psychic last Friday. She was spot on with so many things it is scarey. She even got the chidren's names right. It was so good to clear a few things up that had been bothering me, so I am really happy I went. I SHOULD have asked about the little things I can do to encourage positive vibes in the new house...maybe I will just have to go back!

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