Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy New Year!

Gosh, I can't believe how fast these holidays are flying! It only seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and it is already half way through January. Let me just recap the past three weeks briefly, while I still remember what we have been up to ;)

We went up the coast for New Years and a bit of a holiday with some of Thomas's school friends. Due to the awful weather up there and the TINY apartment we ended up staying in we cut our 5 day holiday down to 3. Just as well, because it has continued to be terribly windy and rainy at the beach this whole year! Instead we are having 10 nights at Burgess in a few days. It will be wonderful to be back in the unit. After spending all of the September holidays there, it almost feels like we are going home!!!!

So what to do with three children in hot and rainy weather??? We have done all the traditional things like visiting friends, going to the movies (The Golden Compass and on the KIDS list is Alvin and the Chipmonks!). We have made coutless spiders/snow cones and other cool treats, and had a full 2 weeks of swimming lessons. But nothing beats this...

Yep, that is Joseph and Audrey in their tutus playing in the mud pit after one of the massive downpours!! They had so much kept them busy for hours! I can't WAIT to show Jose this photo when he is 15!

We also took a trip down to the local water park, only to find it closed for with three very disappointed children in the back seat, I quickly rethought our afternoon, checked with Greg that the required bits and pieces were in the garage and headed home to make our first slip and slide for the O'Neale family!!!

I think Thomas had the most fun. When he woke up the next morning his entire body was covered with tiny scratches!

He was most excited to find a rainbow in the rainwater hose we ran off and on for the our new lawn a good watering in the process!

So today it is two weeks until my little munchkins head back to school and I can get stuck into work again. There is plenty planned with both Fiskars and Scrapbook City this year, as well as a few exciting opportuinites that have come up for me with Fresh Pix. I can't wait to sink my teeth into a few fun projects!

Don't forget the next batch of lasses are now up and running at Scrapbook City too. I had 12 ladies join me this evening for a super fun distressing class and I have to say I had a great time. I am running a series of basic beginners classes from now on, that focus on specific techniques each time. The next one is in Feb after the school term starts to settle down a bit. Theyare only $15, which you receive back as store credit!

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