Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome back!

Hi all!

Have we recovered from Christmas? Ready for the onslaught of New Year??? We have...and are!! Christmas was lovely, a beautiful family day that was stress free! The kids were very happy with their acquisitions too.

Thomas's favourite gift was one he picked out for himself...a blaster from the Transformers movie. Josephs came from Santa and was all he wanted for the past 6 months...a scale model of Herbie from Herbie Fully Loaded. And Audrey loved her newest dolly...takes the count up to double figures, but she does play with all of them fairly evenly...she will make a good mum! :)

I received some lovely gifts too, my favourite being a TV tuner for the laptop. Now I can sit up in my room, watch TV and edit photos too while being inspired by all things scrappy! Life is good to me...Greg is not too bad either ;)

Greg was given some funky red shelves for the study from Gerri or Ian (never worked his SS out!) and a cool work bench for the store room from my parents. It has peg board on the back so he can hang up his we will always be able to find them!

We are off to the Sunshine coast for a little break soon. Hopefully the weather will calm down eough for us to get a bit of sun and swimming in. Hope it is not too severe there is all a bit scarey!
The above layout is of my friend Lorena. She is a wonderful is an easy friendship that requires very little effort to keep it strong. It helps that I am totally in love with her baby boy Harlen too...he is just divine!


Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Hey Ang - sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and got spoilt - as us girls should :)

Hope you enjoy your break away and this weather improves!

~Holly~ said...

Glad you had a great Christmas, Love the layout!