Monday, January 28, 2008

Thanks Aunty Sue!!!

The kids were surprised with a special pressie from Aunty Sue for Christmas this year...A voucher for Wesfield! They decided that ToysRUs was the best place to spend their $$$ so a very brave mummy took three kids to the biggest toy store they know with the idea in their head that they could get ANYTHING they wanted!!! Not quite, but when you are little, ANYTHING is pretty easy to negotiate. Luckily I didn't have to tell them no about any of their choices...and here they are...
Joseph picked the unstoppable duo of Batman and the ORIGINAL Robin...just like his dress up suit.
Miss Audry picked a little baby swing seat for her multitude of babies...except now she is in DESPERATE need of a yellow baby like the one in the photo on the swing!

And Mr T who can never have too many Batman figurines chose a set of 5 Batmen through the ages. He was particularly excited when he saw the grey Batman with the SHORT ears! Don't ask me why.

In all it wa a fun visit to the shops. With the change I bought myself a choccie bar and ate it all without sharing...just kidding :) I let them lick the wrapper!

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