Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to School

Look at my Little man this morning! He was so exited to be finally going to school he was up and dressed by 5:45!!! A bit early for his nigh owl mummy but it was lovely to see hime looking so excited!

The two of them look so darn cute in their uniform together. Jose only went half a day and they lost him at luch as he went off in search of Thomas. Ahh the confidence of a second child hey!

And here is Thomas, looking super cool. He is happy that he is with his mates this year. It makes that transition so much easier. His teacher seems really lovely too, which is great!

Auds starts kindy tomorrow...more photos then I guess!


Anonymous said...

Imogen thinks that Thomas is handsome, oooooooo!

lyndwyer said...

great looking boys you have Ange!

Trina said...

What wonderful photos Ange! Love them. Especially the one of them holding hands, and the angle one. Very very cool.