Monday, February 18, 2008

Another year older!

Personally, The marking of time by ages means more than by the passsing of a calandar year. So my achievements and expriences are usually better remembered by age rather than when they happened. If you look back to last years birthday post, I was pretty unexcited by the whole '31' thing...but if I reflect on the past year, it was really quite a remarkable year for me personally!

* Joined Scrapbook City DT
* Began the Fiskars Ambassador Adventure
* Started my own business...and maintained it!
* Lost a stack of weight
* Moved house twice
* Survived five days away from my family
* Built a new home
* Lived with my in laws and sister and parents...and still love them all!
* Made some awesome new friends
* Lost some old ones
* Kept in touch with my closest friends
* Gained a stack of weight
* Became VP of our P and F
* Joined my first committee
* Fell more in love with Greg (awww :))
* Learnt to Paint Faces (still learning that one!)
* Learnt how to use PS2 (still learning that too!)

When I write it all down, it gives me something to be proud of...something to make turning that one year older that little bit easier! So Happy birthday to me! And to Greg who is the day after me, and his twin Mel!

I did spend all of last week on my back as I put it out for the first time in 10 months, but I am already on the mend thanks to Jennifer Craig at Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic! If you have back pain and it won't let up, give Bowne Therapy a saved my back from total misery!

We had a winetasting at our place yesterday with a few friends and their was insane! The children had a ball though, and we were able to give our new toy a workout...a brand new Wii!!! Greg has been working hard to get to pro level on the tennis game, and I have to admit to spending a bit of time on there as is just so much fun!

I am feeling very spoilt myself as I am sporting some beautiful new gold hoop earrings from my dear hubby (been eyeing these off for ages!) and a gorgeous trollbead bracelet from Mum and Dad. And I'll have a special gift waiting for me at the shop soon...a Cricut Expression from the rest of the fam...can't wait to play with that one, let me tell you!

So, in all it was a good week here by the end of it! Hope yours was good too!! I will have some scrapping for next time...promise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ang,

What a gorgeous photo of you. Have fun with the wii. Have you tried boxing yet? We all ended up with sore arms from it. Or better still try boxing without making the noises as you jab! Kind of like putting on mascara with your mouth closed!


Katie said...

WOW! Some great achievements there Ang! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday and how exciting to be getting a cricut expression!

leewoodside said...

Happy Birthday

~Holly~ said...

Happy Birthday!!

I loved that you wrote down a list, make sure you scrap it!