Monday, February 04, 2008


Anyone who knows me would know what a night owl I am...I am almost never in bed before midnight! But tonight for some reason I cannot keep my eyes open! I did want to post here before I went to bed though, as I am about to be a very busy girl for the next couple of weeks.

Leisa and Kerri are off to CHA and I'm working in the shop for the next two Thursdays and Fridays. It has been a few years since I have worked retail, but I think I will be fine! So if you are in the area and feel like a chat pop up and see me! I am also working in the shop for the next crop on Friday night...if you don't have plans you should come along...they are always a fun evening!!!

Only 10 sleeps til my birthday! That means 11 sleeps to Greg's birthday and his awesome birthday gift I am dying to play with! It will be a good weekend that weekend here I am sure!

If you are after some Valentines Day inspiration, check out the Fiskars Blog. We are loading a project a day on there in the lead up to valentines day. I have put my LOVE canvas on which I am teaching as a kit class this Thursday and Saturday. So if you like the look of it and want to join in, give Scrapbook City a call!

I do have some very cute pix of Auds on her first day of kindy to show, but that will have to wait til next time!


bruinbr said...

happy early birthday! it's so cute that you count it down by 'sleeps' :)

~Holly~ said...

You birthday is coming fast!! I hope its GREAT!! :D