Monday, March 24, 2008

Catch Up

How cute are these two...just having a chat last weekend...they totally didn't see me snapping away!
And here is my darling hubby cooking up some of the 100 or so snags we got through!

Our Easter has been quite subdued this year. Aside from my annual Easter Egg Hunt which I do down at the local park, we only went to mum's for tea on Sunday and Greg's Mum's for morning Tea on Friday. The rest of the weekend has been spent eating chocolate and watching movies and hanging out at home. Greg and the boys have been busy painting the cubby house...just wish this rain would go away long enough for us to do a second coat!
Today Jose was totally spoilt by his Aunty Mel who took him in for a day out at New Farm. He came home with a bag full of new toys and games, not just for him but for the others as well. As he was going to bed he said, "Thanks for letting me go to Aunty Mel's mummy, I had so much fun. When can I go again?" Now he is upstairs fast asleep after his adventure. One lucky boy!
Audrey and Thomas and I had a little side trip to Lincraft today. I had done some projects for them through Fiskars in December and they were printed in their monthly catalog, so I was dying to get my hands on one. It is always such a little thrill to see your work in print. I rarely submit too, so it is a bonus for it to happen!
You can see my projects here, they are the Chocolate Chalet gift boxes #98, #138, #148, #158, #168!
I have also updated my photography blog with a couple of shhots from last week. am very behind there, but figure if I upload a couple per month, that will have to do! Check it out here!
see you during the week wit some new projects!

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Belinda Venables said...

Love the pics of the kids adorable are they!
I'm off to check out your projects in print - I'm sure they are lovely!