Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sympathy please :)

So I am alone and bored upstairs, lying flat on my back while trying to surf the net and feeling very sorry for myself, when this guy:

brings me a beautiful steak and scrumptious salad for my tea. Better than I would have made myself (but don't tell him that!). He is being so good to me and has totally taken over the kids...short term investment for long term results...we hope!

I am flat on my back for a few more days at least. Thought I had seen the end of it this morning, so I took Thomas to a birthday party. Tripped over their stairs and jarred my back and I am back at square one. Seriously over back pain!

So unfortunately I have nothing new to share as I cannot scrap too well lying down! Have managed to make a bin for a Mothers Day Class I am teaching at Scrapbook I actually can say this one is so easy you could do it lying down! HA I crack myself up! I will post images as soon as I have taken some!
Take care...I am sure to be back soon, I have nothing else to do!


Sue said...

Hey Ang,
Hope you're starting to feel better. Happy Birthday for last week as well - we can celebrate in April when I land down under...can't wait to see you all !

Belinda Venables said...

Oh no Ang. I hope your feeling better soon.
How lovely to have your hubbie to bring you a yummy dinner.
I'd love to see some upside down scrapping...hehe!
Take care,
Happy B'day for last week. ;)

Katie said...

Oh no Ang! I am so sorry to hear you are "flat out" again. I hope you are on the road to recovery very soon. Oh and I loved your joke!!!

Oh Scrap!! said...

Angela I don't know you, just know that someone in NYC is sending you good vibes and happy thoughts, we seem to be going through a similar situation at the moment is not fun, i know, get all better soon hugs, Rosa.

Brendy xx said...

OOOOH Ang, sorry to hear about your back... I know too well what that is like! I hope you are feeling much better soon.. Remember the best thing is lying flat on your back or if you can get in a recliner (open it right back) and watch TV...
Take Care

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Nothing worse than a sore back - hope you can get on top of it soon and things can get back to normal.