Thursday, April 24, 2008

Off on retreat...

Can't wait for in need of a little R&R. Especially after the MOST AWESOME CONCERT IN THE WORLD!! I went to see Matchbox 20 on Tuesday night and OMG! it was so good. My voice is still totally gone and I sound like a fish wife everytime I call out to the kids, but it was really worth it! There is just something about a live concert that is so exciting and inspiring, I just loved the whole experience.
SO in a few minutes, Greg will be dropping me off at Brookfield where I will get to spend a day or so on the Scrapbook City Retreat. If it wasn't for Thomas birthday on Saturday, I would have been able to stay longer, but I really want to be there when he wakes up on his birthday...there will be too many when he grows up I won't be there for...gotta fit them in now while he still wants me there :)
I can't believe he is going to be, the rock chic (haha), still staying up too late and eating junk food when I think no one is looking...he has grown up so much in the past three months too...he made his own sandwihes for lunch this week! It took twice as long to get them done, but gee he was pleased with himself!
I am hoping to get plenty of layouts done this weekend. I am aiming for 10, but we'll see how we go!
See ya!


~Holly~ said...

Have fun scrapping!! I am sooo jealous about Matchbox 20--thats awesome!!!

Jo Hutchison said...

Hey There Ange,

It was lovely to have you at my table on Saturday night. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here's the link to my blog that you asked for.

Bye for now.