Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have a new addiction.....Text Twirl on Facebook. FOUR hours on Sunday night, THREE last night (trying to cut back lol) and I have just sat down to play tonight and...the site has crashed from all the other TT addicts! So now I have nothing to do! Ha!

Actually I have a thousand things to do, which is why I was on Facebook in the first place, the great procrastinator that I am! Not to mention the fact that I am REALLY tired!

However, as usual this time of year I am full of beans and really inspired because the Stitches and Craft Show is in Brisbane again and I am working for Fiskars and I do love it! I love doing the demo stand and this year we have teamed up with the Living Creatively team and have hands down the best stand at the show! The papercrafting contingent is a bit small again, but the desire for it is still there. We had a couple of hundred ladies come through today who made some beautiful tags, cards and bookmarks designed by Ambassador Annette Hannigan! It has already been heaps of fun, especially finally meeting Trea, Lyn and Dawn for the first time. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a fantastic company!

I am possibly a little tired too from our mammoth weekend just past! Aside from being totally chockers we had a big party for Thomas. He turned seven and decided he wanted to have a Scooby Doo Party. Being the ding dong I am, I figured the best way for that to happen would be to watch the movie and have a 'few' party games. Well, a few games turned into a big role playing drama thingy and before we knew it the kids had been there for 3 hours and I was buzzing! Greg dressed up as a swamp monster and I was Velma. The kids followed some well placed clues and had a treasure hunt and a few other games before feasting on some very quick snacks and then watching the movie in the media room. We have just installed a screen in there, so it is almost like having the cinema in your house! Mr T was given many boxes of Lego, most of which were completed before bed time! Considering he wasn't allowed to open his gifts until the guests had left, I think that was pretty cool! He was then spoilt rotten by my mum and dad with a new scooter and a rock finding set, as well as lots more lego and a game for his new DS from the aunties and uncles. His grandma and papa had been the week before with some more you think he might have been a bit Legoed out! But NO...what did he do after tea tonight???got on the Lego site and looked for more of the stuff! I have NO IDEA where he gets that obsessive side of his personality! LOL! I do have a couple of cute photos of him (and some crackers of Greg and I) which I will post later!

That night (Sat) I was so hyped I went back to the reteat and ended up not getting home until 4am! A bit naughty of me I know, but the company was so good (thanks girls!) and the scrapping so much fun, I really lost track of time. I am looking forward to the retreats booked for next year in October and April again, they will be so much fun!

Anyway, better go and get some tidying up done, then I MAY try and get back onto Text Twirl, or Scramble...or Word Twist!! If you are on facebook and feel like a game, click on me, I am ready to improve my Word IQ LOL!!!

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