Monday, May 19, 2008


I had my neice Emily here today. Her and Auds get on so well, my sister and I have decided to do a fortnightly 'swap' of them. That way they can play the day away and then, every other week, we can have a kiddie free day! To keep them out of mischief, I thought we could do a bit of a project...making some chocolate chip cookies, then making a mini album to remember it with.

I just cut up some card and let them go nuts with the punches and the rain dots and flowers...they also got to put a little bit of bling on at the end...their favoutire part! Then I punched out some larger circles and wrote a basic recount on each picture. Great fun for them and for me too! The workmen next door were happy...they got warm cookies for lunch! Hopefully it will knock 5% off our fencing bill LOL!

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Belinda Venables said...

Mmmmmm....COOKIES! Yum yum!!!

Love the 'swap the kids' idea...sounds great.

Just having a nosey at your floor titles...are they rectangular?
They look very similar to ours...well, colour anyway!