Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mothers Day

I just went back and read through my blog...and noticed that half the text from the below post has already been written almost word for word! Sorry for boring anyone!

Now onto more interesting things!

Mother's of my favourite days...and for the first time...I was awoken at dawn with a tiny kiss and a beautiful pressie of macaroni beads, some yummy icing covered arrowroot biscuits (made with lots of LOVE), and TWO stunning cards from my sweet little daughter. The boys were downstairs watching TV...knowing the usual punishment for waking us on a weekend is a fate worse that death, but Auds was willing to risk it LOL!
Once I walked down the stairs I was inundated with the sweeted little pressies. The boys both had some $$ to spend at the Mother's Day Stall at School. Hard to do without me seeing as I was there helping out, but they managed very well! It is so cool to see how their personalities are so strong even at this age. Thomas went for QUANTITY...buying lots of the $2 presants. He even won a raffle and picked a prize that had lots of little things in it! So plenty of soap, chocolate and body sprays here for a while! Joseph on the other hand went for one thing and brought home the change...and it was a goodie...a new coffee mug with a beautiful teal damask/paisley design on it! plus a box of tea...he does know me well!

We had a quick shower and got all dolled up for the annual family breakfast at Rocks Riverside Park. My poor BIL was minding our table from 7:30 and he got the last one! Next year we will have to be ready a bit earlier for him!

We then tried to get a few family shots but there was too much sun for anything is my mum and all her grandkiddies with a beautiful concrete slab in the background! lol!
Mum works so hard to please everyone. She has such a strong work ethic and often takes on more than she should. the kids love her like no other and so do we.

And here is me and my fringe! lol! I think I need a haircut!

That afternoon, Greg and the boys went with my FIL Graeme to the Bronco's match, so the girls thought we would have a civilised high tea at our place while they were gone. We had some lovely coffee, Geraldine made pikelets, Barbara made some delicious sandwiches (crusts removed eaten with pinkie extended!) and Mel bought soune scrumptious vienese and biscotti from one of the deli's near her home. She is lucky enough to live in New Farm and has all that at her fingertips! I made Mini Orange and Poppyseed Cup Cakes and some Choc Chip Rum Raisin Cookies...they were pretty time I will add more rum though!

AND I was able to wear my stunning necklace from Auds. She was so excited when she woke up from her nap and saw me wearing it. We sat around and chatted about stuff for a couple of hours, then the boys returned and finished off all the food!

Greg made his awesome pizza's for tea, so in all it was a fantastic day!

The next day i went and picked out a ball gown for the up coming school fundraising ball! It is shot pink and black, floor length, strapless...I love it!!!

Then Audrey come down with a tummy bug and it was all down hill for the rest of the week. Poor bubba is asleep at the moment...round two for her!


Belinda Venables said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day Ang. Love the necklace! ;)

Belinda Venables said...
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Jo Hutchison said...

Hi Ang,

Lovely to see you had a great mothers day. Loving the necklace.


annette said...

You sound like you had the perfect mothers day Ang, great photos specially your mum with her grandkidlets!

Lyn Dwyer said...

What6 a gorgeous necklace Ange....brings back memories of what my boys use to bring home from school for me....but they use to love it and so did I....