Monday, July 28, 2008

Finally OVER!

This weekend saw the end of my stressful existence for at least a month...or until I start organising the next fundraiser at school! lol! We had our fete and with that we had my very first craft stall! I took it over back in May...not long ago considering what we made! Above is only a few images and I am already looking for some things to make next year. My favourites were the flower brooches...they were really popular with both adults and children too!
We have a little bit of stock left over...if you like any of what you see...drop me a line :)
My mum and Jenny were such a huge help on the day and in the leadup to the fete. We are so lucky to have them and all the other ladies who gave of their time and efforts!
And finally a favourite pic of Thomas from the day...right before he got up on stage and did a dance to Kung Fu Fighting! He looks so calm (and he was!) such a turn around from preschool! Joseph was his usual relaxed blase self, grinning at the girls down the front! Little charmer!


Trina said...

Wow! Look at all that stuff. I hope you didn't have to make it all!

Love your photo. Wow. So striking.

Belinda Venables said...

Looks like alot of fun Ang...and alot of work too.

Love the photo of Thomas...he is a little charmer isn't he! lol

Enjoy your week,


Anonymous said...

well done Ang - everything you made looks awesome.

Cute photo of Thomas too - he's getting so big


Debbie Buckland said...

beautiful stuff you were selling! very creative.... Might have to try some of those out myself. ;)
**thanks for commenting on my blog too. Much appreciated**