Saturday, August 16, 2008

a quick share...

I was sent a whole lot of Heidi Graces 'Only Time range by Fiskars. When I say 'whole lot' I really mean STAX! I actually received the package the day Grandma passed away. Purple was her favourite colour...she was always wearing I have done a tribute album for her in almost all these papers. So in a way it was kind of fate that I received such a wonderful package! Some photos just didn't work with the colours, but most did. Grandpa has most of the layouts (about 10) and one is up for pub, but here are a couple that I have not passed on to him yet. He is hanging onto the album for a while.

The first layout was at our enagaement party back in 98 (i have changed the sticker!)...I know I look 40...I have no idea WHY I chose that outfit to wear! The second is one of my favourite photos of Grandma and Auds.

I have to say it was really nice to create on a totally unrestrained premise. In fact the only thing I had to watch how much I used was the paper!

I have a couple of layouts due to be released on the ANZ Blog next week...I am away in Sydney then so will be unable to see them until I get back.

Have a great week! And thanks for all your comments last week...Gail I need you to email me...I have not got any contacts for you any more and I really want to see you and your little girl! I still see Nicole McPherson and we were only wondering about you the other day!


Gail said...

I can't find your email anywhere either!

Anonymous said...

40 isn't that bad!

Angela said...

no, it isn't so bad now...but it is when you are only 22!!!