Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Signing off for a while again!

Wow, what a huge week in Sydney...such a busy time at the craft show, and so much fun too. It was just so cool to be able to share the passion we have for papercrafting with so many people...a little nerdy maybe, but I am ok with it!

I even managed to get my mum turn pro on the Ultra Shape Express! And she doesn't even scrap! We had a great time together over the weekend as Kerri had to return to Brisbane early.

A few memories I don't want to forget this time round:

1. My new favourite clothing store is called Forecast. Loved it!

2. Dropping Kerri off at Sydney airport on Friday night and hoping to do the loop so I could go and park and pick up mum...only to be shoved out of line by some agro drivers and end up 20k from the airport on some freeway! Happy to say I managed to navigate in the dark and got back in time to greet mum's plane!

3. Driving home from the airport with mum navigating...we ended up going down a tram line at some stage!! Not ENTIRELY her fault either :)

4. Dinner at Hooters (yep, you heard me!) with the Fiskars girls! Luckily their company was worth it because neither the food nor the service was much chop at all!

5. Meeting Robyn and having some fun breakfasts and dinners together...especially the Soprano Pizza and Pasta worth remembering!

6. Catching up with Lyn and Lee and finally meeting Lusi...and meeting Aza, Jacky and Lorraine Lee...all veteran Fiskars girls.

7. Having a great time with Kelly and Dawn from Scrapapple all week...watching for shoplifters and exchanging banter. It was their last show, although I think I was sadder about it than them!

There are probably a heap more things that happened I want to remember, but these are the most important ones.

I am off to St Andrews Hospital tomorrow for a double Carpal Tunnel Release and a double De Quervains Release. I think it will put me out of action for a couple of weeks. My biggest issue is that I won't be able to blowdry my hair for 10 days! So I am destined to be a hermit until I can...or at least until I can find a decent hat! lol!

See you when I can stop dropping drinks on everyone!


Rhonda Bates said...


Best wishes for a quick recovery from your op....think how much easier it will be to scrap with the hands working 100 per cent. Look forward to your return to your blog.


Robyn W said...


say hi to MUM for me

and remember look after thinking of ya

Terri said...

Hope you recover from the op....I'd die if I couldn't straighten my hair!!!!!

MarniT said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Good luck with the operations hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ang good luck in the hospital, I wish you all the very best, you darling thing.

I am so pleased you had a ball, I can just imagine lol !!

All the very best, and I will be thinking about you.

Carole xx