Monday, September 01, 2008

Anyone would thnk we owned the store...

So my hands are feeling better already. Although the incisions are twice as big as the doctor told me they would be :(, they are healing well. I am still relying on Greg for a lot, he has been so good. He has kept the house running with very little guidance from me...makes me wonder what I actually do! LOL! Not really, but gee it is a big weight off my mind to know that things can run smoothly without me...
I may even attempt a bit of scrapping has been a whole week and I have two brand new Cricut cartridges screaming out to me!

Here are a couple of photos from the past week or so!

Here is mum and I hanging out at the Sydney Stitches and Craft was so much fun to work with mum again. We have been doing a lot of crafty things of late so that has been good to spend the time together!
I went to Gerri's makeup trial on Sunday. She is getting married in October and has asked me to do the photos...I can't wait!! We had a bit of a play at David Jones in the City...probably looked a bit silly but we had fun anyway!

And finally a big shout out for Spring! Hooray! Warm but not hot, cold breezes, green grass, ducklings and flowers! We celebrated with a small playdate...actually the kids celebrated, the grownups sat around and had a laugh...good times :)
Next time I will have a couple of layouts to share!

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Great news re your op. It is nice to know that the men in our lives can actually cope, I think sometimes they just hide their abilities. Love the photos of the kids. Spring here has skipped us and I think we went straight to summer. Pleasant one day HOT!!! the next.

Talk soon


Terri said...

Glad to see the hands are healing....Chris must have had trouble if he had to make the incisions bigger. I don't know what I'd do if my hands were out of action for any length of time....will be worth it when they are all better though.

Take crae,
Terri x