Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Becoming a Fiskateer!!

Hi there! Ronnie asked how to actually become a Fiskateer, so i thought I would do a little step by step here. It is not all that hard, just a bit different to your usual messageboard!

First go to
Click on the Blue Flower...'how to join'
A new screen pops up with instructions to get to know one of the lead Fiskateers...just click on one of them and their name should pop up in a new email if you have your browser set up to do that automatically. Otherwise their email address is just their first
The you just need to send them an email introducing yourself and that will get you started!
It is a lovely community full of passionate crafters...from all over the world!

So what are you waiting for...go and join up and join in the fun at !!

Thanks must go to Carole and Ronnie for awarding my little blog! You gals are so sweet. I am not good with tags...will try and work it all out tonight...I have a few photos I want to share then too!

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