Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Yep...today my baby turns 4! I am not going to lie...there is a bit of sadness in it for me! But I have had my little weep and gotten over it and now spent the mst part of the day playing with my best girl! (I can say that because she is the only girl ;)!)

We had a cake for her on Sunday with the family...right before the big storm hit. At least we were all together when it was pouring down. Luckily there was no damage done to our place, but next door were not so lucky! I was just glad the heat had gone so my 30cm high birthday cake didn't fall down, melted on the floor! It took hours to make but the gasp of delight was well worth it.
She woke up to her presents with the boys this morning. They both made her some beaded necklaces and she told everyone we met all day that her brother had made her jewelry for her. Greg and I spent a few hours putting together a little something, but I didn't get photos of it today, so I will post that story tomorrow. This morning we had ballet and then a bit of birthday cake with Arabella, Donna and Scarlet, then home to watch a movie with the boys after school in the movie room...fun all round! She even got her favourite dinner of wraps and birthday cake for dinner!
I think we have cracked the O'Neale Family Birthday Cake Record this year...she is going to have 5...yes FIVE cakes this year! One for the extended family on Sunday, one at the Y, one with Arabella, who couldn't make it Sunday and HAD to share some cake with her bestie, one with us on her actual birthday, then one for kindy on Thursday! Man...and only one will be store bought..I am sure to put on a couple of kilos this week...my weakness is cake batter!!! I can easily say no to a second piece of cake, but I am a sucker for cake batter! lol!
I will be back tomorrow with some other stories and some layouts from last week...see you then!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Audrey
X Rachel

Katie said...

The cake looks awesome!

Carole Janson said...

Oh Ang congratulations to little Audrey turning 4, and that birthday cakes is so pretty, actually that would have to be one of the nicest I have seen.

See you soon.

Carole xx

lyn dwyer said...

Happy Belated birthday to Audrey!

You did a great job of the castle cake......love the look on her face.......

Rhonda Bates said...

Angela, I thought I was the only one who did this....congrats on the cake, fantastic. We get requests each birthday and having twins you try to make a biiiig one so they don't feel deprived. LOL the things we do. Glad to hear you had no damage from storm.