Saturday, November 22, 2008

The best one liner from a four year old EVER!

OK...I  may be exaggerating a little...but it had Greg and I chuckling for ages!

This morning Audrey and Greg were playing the Wii. Auds stopped to grab a snack and came back ready to have her go immediately.

"Can I have a go now Daddy?"

"Not yet, soon..." he replies.

"How about now?" She offered three seconds later.


"Would you do it for a scooby snack?"

I was in the kitchen and it was a good few minutes before I got myself under control!


We have a quiet weekend socially...Greg and I had our P&F dinner last night which was heaps of fun and a good excuse for a few drinks!

Lots of clients to prepare for this week! Hopefully the weather will hold out for me!

I will take those piccies of Auds too when it fines up a bit. I know how I want them to look and I need them to be just right!

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