Monday, January 26, 2009

the holiday is over...

We are heading home today from a beautiful break at Caloundra. we are all totally relaxed and ready to attack the new year with vigour! Thomas is starting Year 3, Joseph is starting Year 1 and Audeey will be going to PrePrep three days a week. I am going to be going to TAFE to study Photoimaging! It's going to be a busy year especially with my brothers wedding and all the functions associated with that, Thomas' communion and confirmation and all the other things we have lined up for the year. It will be Christmas again before we know it!
Here are a few kidisms from this week I don't want to forget:
Joseph: "Thomas, you are unpeeling!"
Joseph after consuming his first BubbloBill icecream: "I have had my bubble gum."
Me: "did you swallow the bubble gum?!?"
Joseph: "no, I ate it."
me: "so you swallowed it."
Joseph: "no I ATE it!" I guess there is a difference in his mind!
Actually now that I think about it, Joseph has really developed a big personality this summer! he is quite the performer and such a clown! I guess we will see more and more of that behaviour in the years to come!
I have no photos to show as I barely took any. The only time I attempted to get some photos was sabotaged by Thomas and his very scary face...or as jose put it..."oh my gosh, NO EYES!!!!!!"
happy Australia Day!

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