Friday, January 30, 2009

One boy dressed and ready for Grade Three...check!
One boyr dressed and ready for Grade One...check!

One little girl dressed and ready for PrePrep...check!!!

Three kids who have had an AWESOME summer together...check!
Phew!!! They have gone back. It has been a busy week getting back into morning routine...I may have mentioned it before, but I am really not a morning person at all. I am however, proud to say that we have been out the door before 8am all three days this week! Off to a great start! The kids all love their new teachers and are happy with their class mates too, so it really has been a good start to the year.
I have been to the gym too and am super keen to get fit this year. Lorena has inspired me to be "fitter than I have ever been." Now I used to play A LOT of sport, like five nights a week back in my I am aiming for 5 gym trips a week by Easter...and 8kgs GONE. Hopefuly never to return...I did a sculpt class today which was pretty good. I think the key is to do it early in the day so you keep moving . Night time classes only lead to sore muscles the next day, especially when you are as UNFIT as I am!
I was very productive at the coast last week and managed to complete 10 layouts! Only a few are fit for public viewing though...I think I must have scrapped in the dark one night LOL!
I will upload them later this weekend! Toodles!!

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