Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now he is 6!

And totally pooped...take a look at all the fun things he has done this week...they are too hard to get into the right order..sorry!

On Saturday we had a Star Wars Clone Wars party for him. He chose a galaxy far far away for his birthday cake! It was pretty easy...

I made this banner and made all his guestshave a photo with him under it...noticibly absent from them is Thomas and his mate Fraser. Aparently it was not cool ...but Jose liked the idea!

Greg dressed up as Darth Vader and light saber blasted a couple of hundred water balloons the kids threw at him...he managed to aim quite a few of them at me...the kids LOVED it!

On his actual birthday we had Aunty Mel over and had a special number 6 devil cake. For some reason when I lit the sparklers he would not go anywhere near it until they had finished...the look on his face was priceless!

On Friday night we had a special family celebration for dinner and cake (again!). I wasn't cooking again, so I just purchased a couple of icecream cakes from Coles....felt the guilt, but it really is way too hot to cook more than necessary!
We also spent the week at the pool improving our technique. The boys are now swimming laps both in freestyle and backstroke! Auds is able to dog paddle back to the edge if she 'thinks' someone is holding her back! We are off to the beach on Friday, so we will be spending a whole lot of time at the pool then. It is so exciting to see the boys swim think they were water phobic 15 months ago!!!

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