Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well the Christmas decorations have been packed away for another year. I have done a huge clean out of each of the kids rooms too. Thomas wins with 5 garbage bags full of rubbish!!! The others only had a couple so he definately wins the award for best hoarder, which I might add cannot be genetic/inherited trait! Only one room to go...the play room...where all good toys go to hibernate it seems! The amount of lost toys in that room is astounding, it is like the black hole in our house! Maybe tomorrow...or the next day...I need a bit of time to work myself up to the task!
I have also done a huge rearrange of my scrap room. I have moved it all closer down one end and tried to make better use of my work areas. Greg attached some hanging board to the wall so now every time I look up in a moment of scrappers block I stare at a wall of product! It looks so awesome and as soon as the cloudy wather goes away I will take a photo.
I have been scrapping up a storm too...I am really looking forward to sharing a few new has been too long!
Greg is back to work tomorrow which means my little holiday is over too...I am going to miss the sleep ins we have been indulging in! At least I will be able to work my way through the folders of photos I need to edit for both us and some clients. See you when it is sunny again!

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Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Must be something in the air Ang - we did the same thing - Chelsea had 6 bags full though - great to have it clean now though. Can't wait to see your new LOs!