Monday, March 16, 2009

Well hi there friends! How are we all? Hope the storm tonight has not caused too much damage out your way. We have just got a wet staircase, but it will be dry soon!
I had a great weekend working for Scrapbook City at the Paper Arts Festival. It is a shame that the other retailers don't embrace it as a chance to showcase their new stock. The number of customers who were disappointed with the array of products was quite large. Of course there is always going to be people who have come solely for the bargains, but if we are going to keep the scrapbooking industry alive we need to support both consumers and retailers!
Anyhoo...I am so lucky to be able to do this and work every now and then on the weekend. If Greg was not so good with the children I wou ld have no chance of getting away! So thankyou are the best!
My shoulder is killing me. Apparently I have torn a rotator cuff muscle which is not as nasty as it sounds. In fact it is hurting more nw that I have had a bit of therapy on it! It should settle down soon, then I can get on with the business of hurting everywhere else! I have been trialing a whole lot of different classes at the gym, trying to srtep it up a notch. Today I did an RPM class...won't try that again either! Far to hard on my back! I will be going to Body Combat on Friday though....that one is so much fun. I didn't realise how much pent up agression I have in me!

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Katie said...

I used to love the body combat class! It is a lot of fun with all that kicking and punching!